Welcome to Web+Center Version 8.0
    Thank you for downloading and installing the Web+Center Help Desk product from Internet Software Sciences. Listed below is a complete set of resources to get your Web+Center suite of Help Desk, Sales/CRM and Customer Self Help applications installed, configured, and customized.
    The Web+Center application requires some additional configuration steps to complete the installation process. Please complete the installation steps specificed in the appropriate Installation Guide available on our website. ISS Documentation Website Page
    Your Web+Center application WILL not run until these steps are completed.
Web+Center Applications Web+Center Consulting Group
    The Web+Center consulting group offers hourly and project based Web+Center customization consulting services. For more information for please contact the ISS Consulting group at:
    • Phone: (650) 949-0942 / Toll Free (888) 949-0942 (9AM -5 PM PST) Los Altos, CA USA
    • Fax: (650) 917-0913 Los Altos, CA USA
    • Email: (650) Sales@inet-sciences.com

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